Order and delivery updates

We are now into the third week of deliveries and have settled into a process that seems to be working for our customers. This comprises the following steps:

  • An invitation to order is sent out to all registered customers who have set up a direct debit on Thursday or Friday.
  • The order deadline is lunchtime on Tuesday of the following week.
  • Orders are fulfilled on the Thursday of the week indicated on the order form (this sometimes extends to Friday and Saturday when we have a large increase in the normal level of orders).
  • Your direct debit is normally collected towards the end of the week of delivery.
  • Any additional items you request will only be charged (separately) if they are available and if you agree the price for them. In this case you will notice two payments are taken, one for the main veg box delivery (including milk, bread and eggs) and one of the additional agreed items.

We appreciate any feedback you wish to provide. Please note that at the moment it is very difficult to source flour and pasta so if you request these it is likely we will not be able to get them. Please also note that we are unable to provide alcohol with this service.

Thanks for your continued support, we are pleased to be able to help residents of Downley to be able to access fresh fruit and veg despite the difficult times in which we currently live.